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Feedback and Reviews

Kalani Matherne

Houma, LA

I love love love hanging with Tina.  Aerial yoga has done wonders for my back and hips.  The anti-gravity feel makes it much easier to successfully achieve yoga poses I've had difficulty with in floor yoga.  I always look forward to classes and enjoy the calm, friendly environment at Wildflower Yoga.

Penny Adams

Houma, LA

Thank you Tina Martin I so needed this today!!!

Amy Duplantis Lefleur

Houma, LA

Instead of doing life today, I'll just do #airealyoga Thanks Tina for another great, much needed class! 😘

Eileen Hartenstine

Houma, LA

AIREAL Yoga with Tina Martin Sooooo love her! My once a week Aireal has changed my life...complements my practice! #airealyoga #aierealyoga#yogaeverydamnday #yoga #yogadowndabayou #chauvin #bayouyoga#iloveyoga

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